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The science of arousal


Spice Up Your Sex Life

Not Tonight, Honey! The Top Eleven Libido Enhancing Foods

  If you’re anything like me, then food and sex are undoubtedly two of the great joys in life. So what if one could improve the other? I’m not too sure how sex specifically improves food (builds a healthy appetite I guess?)  but your diet has a much bigger impact on your sex life than most people realize. Food and diet is intrinsically linked to your sex drive, and a bad diet is a sure-fire killer of your sexual moods. Here are our top eleven foods… Read More


Afterglow Vibrator Used Live On Radio!

The Afterglow continues to make waves with early adopters and sexual health experts worldwide for its unique medical technology that enhances arousal. In what might be a world first, the Afterglow vibrator has now been used live on a radio show to the (self)delight of the radio show host and the amazement of listeners. Sam Phillips, a writer for LA Weekly and host of The Single Life radio show on Vivid Radio Sirius XM 102, was given a sample unit of the Afterglow and took… Read More


Tips and Tricks to a Great Climax with Afterglow

My Blind Date with Afterglow® If I can only give you one bit of advice to get you to a great and unique orgasm, go slow. Take your time. It is worth it.  Here is the disclaimer. I have worked closely with Dr. Zipper for years as the director of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Sexual Dysfunction at Zipper Urogynecology.  What this means is that I have had plenty of time to learn the science behind Afterglow®. It also means that I had a great start… Read More


The Best Exercise For Sex (Hint: It’s Not Aerobics)

Want to have better sex? Unless you are a practicing nun or priest, and even then the line is grey, the universal answer to this question is “Yes!”. Who wouldn’t want to improve pleasure for themselves and their partner? By doing a simple, daily exercise women can enhance their vaginal sensitivity and tightness, increase their partner’s sensation, and also increase orgasmic pleasure. What is this magical exercise and how can it increase both or your pleasure during intercourse? The answer is ‘Kegel’ excercies (squeezing the… Read More


Top 5 Valentines Day Surprises For Men

Yes, its that time of year again – Valentines Day is fast approaching and time to put your thinking caps on to come up with a suitable surprise for your man. Have you got something in mind for him already? Have you got something in mind for yourself? Well of course, it would be amiss if we did not suggest Afterglow, and with free shipping right up until Valentines Day, there’s even more reason to get one. Maybe you can sign him up to our email… Read More


The Origins Of The Afterglow

Sex and science are two things you don’t normally associate together, but in the case of the Afterglow, it is a perfect union! It is the world’s first vibrator to incorporate advanced medical technology to enhance the sexual experience. Science has improved many aspects of our lives, so why not sex? What is more surprising though is the Afterglow was a result of unintended side effects from the clinical trials of a medical product! The product in question was designed to treat pelvic floor pain… Read More


Welcome to the Afterglow Blog, and our website!

Welcome to our new home online and the only place you can buy Afterglow – the world’s first ‘smart sex toy’ that uses medical technology to enhance arousal. Here on our blog we will be posting all sorts of informative articles about Afterglow, sexual arousal, your body and how to get the best out of your sex life … with sex toys and your partner! Spicing up your bedroom life is what we are all about. Our website is the place you want to go… Read More