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The science of arousal

The Best Exercise For Sex (Hint: It’s Not Aerobics)


Want to have better sex? Unless you are a practicing nun or priest, and even then the line is grey, the universal answer to this question is “Yes!”. Who wouldn’t want to improve pleasure for themselves and their partner?

By doing a simple, daily exercise women can enhance their vaginal sensitivity and tightness, increase their partner’s sensation, and also increase orgasmic pleasure.

What is this magical exercise and how can it increase both or your pleasure during intercourse? The answer is ‘Kegel’ excercies (squeezing the pelvic floor muscles). You may have heard of this before, but are you doing them right, and at the right times? The answer is most commonly no. Most woman who think they are doing Kegels correctly are not.

How To Do Kegel Exercises Properly

The action should be small and relatively unnoticeable to others. Simply “close” the vagina and anus tight, 5 times in a row, 5 times a day. If you are bouncing up out of your chair, you aren’t isolating the pelvic floor muscles. You can complete this exercise in any position, but the best position is actually during intercourse!

How does this help with intercourse? First, exercising the pelvic floor muscles will increase the muscle’s strength, which increases the ability to “grip” their partner. Gripping the penis with the pelvic floor muscles during intercourse increases arousal and sensation. Next, with time and consistency with the exercises, the pelvic floor muscles will increase in size creating a “tightening” of the vaginal vault. This will increase the female’s sensitivity due to increased surface area in contact with the penis. Lastly, with increased muscle bulk and activity, there will be an increase in blood flow to the genital area. This enhances the physiological arousal process increasing orgasmic pleasure and stimulation.

Where to Get Kegel Exercise Training

To insure you are completing the exercises correctly, make an appointment with your local Women’s Health Physical Therapist. These Therapists have had extensive training in the pelvic floor to accurately and effectively educate women.

Click on the website, fill in your zip code and select Women’s Health as the specialty area. Look for a therapist that primarily treats Women’s Health patients. It’s also a good idea to call ahead and explain what type of treatment you are looking for (vaginal work). This will ensure you are getting the exact therapist that you need.

Lubrication is vital to pleasurable intercourse. Self-lubrication (being able to create a wetness of the vagina via one’s own bodily fluids) works for many women, but not all. To ensure proper lubrication, be proactive and apply supplemental lubrication to the vagina and penis.

Afterglow Science offers a unique lube product with their Afterglow Vibrator called Afterdark Pleasure Lubricant. Afterdark has been designed to enhance the light emitting properties of the Afterglow vibrator, and contains natural enhancers such as ginseng and white willow bark.

You can purchase Afterdark lube here.

Enjoying sexual intimacy via intercourse is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Taking the time to educate yourself and your partner on improving intercourse is a great way to enhance pleasure and bring you closer together.


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