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Top 5 Valentines Day Surprises For Men


Yes, its that time of year again – Valentines Day is fast approaching and time to put your thinking caps on to come up with a suitable surprise for your man.

Have you got something in mind for him already? Have you got something in mind for yourself? Well of course, it would be amiss if we did not suggest Afterglow, and with free shipping right up until Valentines Day, there’s even more reason to get one. Maybe you can sign him up to our email newsletter and he’ll get the hint!

For those of you who aren’t into the gift thing and would rather do something special or thoughtful, here are our top 5 special things you can do for your man this Valentine’s Day.

Have Sex & Make Art

Feeling adventurous? Love Is Art is a unique paint and canvas kit that allows you to make love and art at the same time. It uses specially treated cotton canvas and all natural, non toxic paint. The canvas works like a mat that you get down and paint-dirty on, and the pack also includes a frame for you to stretch the canvas over. Cleaning is easy also with a painters tarp so you don’t get paint splatter. Definitely a great special occasion in the bedroom. We don’t recommend getting paint on your Afterglow!

Cook Three Meals

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. There’s no scientific evidence to back this up but it is surely true. Go all out by cooking him not one meal but three – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Put the gourmet chef hat on and try to produce something special. You get bonus points if you do this naked.

Give Him A Video Card

Not afraid of your computer? For the tech savvy, you can head over to Animoto to create a video card and give him some sexy reminders of your love. Animoto allows you to set up slides and embed a video. Your phone is your best tool for shooting videos, or a web cam.

Dress Up

Men are visual creatures. They like watching sport and watching movies. Watching you in a uniform or a dress up outfit is going to be a visual pleasure that he likely hasn’t had in a while. It’s amazing what fun you can have by feeling confident and dressing up in the bedroom. Make sure you get dressed up before he gets home or without him knowing – the look on his face when Catwoman walks into the room is worth it. Buy Costumes  has some great sexy outfits and free shipping when you spend over $75.

Have A Movie Marathon

Stay in bed all day, watch movies, relax. Order takeout, grab some wine … just relax. There can be quite a bit of pressure on a man to come up with something thoughtful around Valentines Day and a great way to reward him is to have a super casual, relaxing day watching movies in bed. Turn your laptop off and don’t look at Facebook. Don’t even get out of your pajamas. You’ll both feel rested at the end of the day and there are always plenty of other things you can do in the bedroom if your movie choices don’t pan out so well.

Let us know in the comments how you plan to spend Valentines Day or any great surprise ideas you want to share.


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