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The science of arousal

Not Tonight, Honey! The Top Eleven Libido Enhancing Foods



If you’re anything like me, then food and sex are undoubtedly two of the great joys in life. So what if one could improve the other? I’m not too sure how sex specifically improves food (builds a healthy appetite I guess?)  but your diet has a much bigger impact on your sex life than most people realize. Food and diet is intrinsically linked to your sex drive, and a bad diet is a sure-fire killer of your sexual moods.

Here are our top eleven foods to give your libido an almighty boost.

Black Raspberries

The berries and seeds contained in black raspberries provide a bit of a lift to your sexual mood. Eating a handful of them daily is one way of putting a little spice back into the bedroom. Black raspberries are rich in phytochemicals that boost libido and your ability to feel aroused. 10 berries or a heaped tablespoon of raspberry seeds will be enough to feel an effect.

watermelons enhance libidoWatermelons

This 92% water filled fruit is one of the best aphrodisiacs. It has the vital ingredients necessary for boosting libido. Watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid that ‘lightens’ up the nerves in your body. It has a similar effect on blood vessels as the Viagra drug (which incidentally, is similar to the way Afterglow works on the body) and has been proven to aid in the increasing of libido.

Raw Oysters

Oysters have a bit of a reputation for enhancing libido. So is it actually true? Being high in zinc, oysters are responsible for raising sperm count and contain the hormone dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s pleasure and reward center. Incorporating them into your diet might just help you get a little more frisky.


Regarded for hundreds of years as a cure the ‘sexual disabilities’ in males, cloves are versatile enough to be incorporated into plenty of your gourmet experiments in the kitchen. Cloves are also used as a treatment to get rid of bad breath – handy, perhaps, for a bit of foreplay?!


Ever wanted to recapture your youth? Figs might do the trick. Medical research has established that figs contribute to enhanced fertility levels as well as an increase in the secretion of pheromones. So if you want a little extra bedroom action it might be a good idea to go fig yourself.


The unborn embryos of chicken, whether fried or scrambled, can help you revive your energy after a tiring day and just maybe, a fun-filled long night. Along with having a high amount of amino acid and of course, full of protein, eggs can give you increased amounts of stamina which is great for you-know-what.saffron improves libido


Long known for its health properties in China and Eastern parts of the world, ginseng gives an instant boost to libido to get you shagging like rabbits again. Ginseng is a great health booster in general - it improves concentration levels, boosts immunity and  . Add it to your diet or try a Ginseng tea next time you are at Starbucks.


Saffron is another great cooking additive that is known for its boost on your libido. In addition to curingmany diseases, it augments your mood and as well all know, our moods dictate a lot in our lives – including our sex lives.


You never knew salad could be this good for you did you? Containing an opiate for activating sex hormones, lettuce is the perfect dinner veggie to turn you on. Enjoy it with salad and you will lose calories as well as the bad mood!


Being the king of all spices and a natural cure for many sorts of ailments, ginger also has properties that enhance blood circulation, which is one of the key physiological requirements for increased sex drive and increased libido. Add it to a curry, or have it raw or gulp a cup of ginger tea and unleash your inner sex goddess!

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are known to have an effect on testosterone, which is why many male and female body builders consume it on a regular basis. Testosterone in particular is a key hormone for men when it comes to sex drive. Have your man eat a few brazil nuts each day and watch his bedroom desire go through the roof.

So there you have it. These routine foods will help you enormously in building up a healthy lifestyle and an even healthier sex life!


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