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The science of arousal

Tips and Tricks to a Great Climax with Afterglow


My Blind Date with Afterglow®

If I can only give you one bit of advice to get you to a great and unique orgasm, go slow. Take your time. It is worth it.  Here is the disclaimer. I have worked closely with Dr. Zipper for years as the director of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Sexual Dysfunction at Zipper Urogynecology.  What this means is that I have had plenty of time to learn the science behind Afterglow®. It also means that I had a great start to my first date with Afterglow®.  The following is a chronicle of my first few sessions with Afterglow®.

First Date

My husband was at work and my daughter was at school. I was home for lunch.

I couldn’t resist giving my new toy a try. With only a short time before I had to get back to work, I decided to ignore the user manual and the teachings of Dr. Zipper and rev ‘er up.  I chose the vibration pattern and strength that was most similar to my 2-year-old rabbit.  Two minutes later I had a nice orgasm, similar to my previous experiences. I drank an espresso and went back to work. I was a bit underwhelmed.

The next day I listened to Dr. Zipper lecturing a group of doctors on PulseWave™  and the importance of allowing time for it to exert its effects on tissue.  I had heard him on multiple occasions tell women that they should allow at least 5 minutes for the light energy to exert its effect.  So I went home determined to do something I rarely do, follow instructions.

Second Date

The next morning I slipped into my home office while my family was sound asleep.

I sipped my latte and lit some candles.  I slipped off my underwear and fell back onto my favorite couch. I decided to try the PulseWave™  O button.  After about two minutes I found myself getting a bit impatient and thinking, screw this, I’m turning this thing up a notch. But then I caught myself, looked at the candles and relaxed. About 2 minutes later the PulseWave™  O program made a noticeable change and I felt myself getting a bit more aroused.  A minute or so later it changed again and I felt a great orgasm coming on. It was, well, fantastic. As I lay there completely relaxed and and satisfied I realized the PulseWave™  O program was still going.  Did I wait at least 5 minutes or did I pop too soon? What if I waited longer?

Third Date

It was Saturday morning and I couldn’t wait for my husband and daughter to go on their morning run. I usually join. Not this Saturday.  Two hours later it was my new pal Afterglow® and me, session number three.  I’ll spare you the fine print and preface. Suffice it to say I played this one by the book.  I got myself into one of those super relaxed, pamper myself rhythms, and took about two minutes of deep slow breaths. I continued deep slow breathing as I took the PulseWave™  program for another try. At about 5 minutes, after about the third change in pulses, I was once again ready for another crazy orgasm. However, this time, I slightly lifted Afterglow® off of my clitoris to decrease the stimulation from vibration.  In a few minutes the PulseWave™  program ended and the vibrations slowed down. I had not climaxed yet but I was incredibly aroused. I hit the plus button to turn up the vibration and two minutes later I had an orgasm that was amazing and like no other I had ever experienced, until Sunday and Monday, when I did it again. Thank you Afterglow®.

Tip One - Relax

Relax. Really, relax.

Tip Two - Don’t Rush 

Don’t rush. Whether you use the PulseWave™  O program or your favorite vibration pattern, the real magic takes at least 5 minutes to occur. If you think you are going to Climax before that, back off and wait. The longer you wait, the more time you are allowing for the PulseWave™  light technology to do its thing. Just make sure the light is up against your clitoris the entire time. Hey, Viagra takes 30 minutes to work, we can give Afterglow® 5-8 minutes.

Tip Three - Don’t Get Frustrated

Don’t get frustrated. I have a PhD in Pelvic Medicine and I didn’t nail getting the crazy O on my first try. If you get it wrong the first few times, you will still have a great experience.  I have been using Afterglow® for a few weeks and I am getting better and better at it. The other night I played with it for 20 minutes before I allowed myself to climax.  I think my neighbors called the police. I was just a bit noisy. OMG.

Tip Four - Choose Your Stimulation

Choose your stimulation. You can use the big finger on the clitoris the entire time or put the big finger in the vagina and the little finger on the clitoris.  Either way is awesome. If the little finger is on the Clitoris, the PulseWave™  from the big finger will always hit the G-Spot. If you have never had a G-orgasm,  this is your chance.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your time better with Afterglow!


4 Responses to “Tips and Tricks to a Great Climax with Afterglow”

  1. JB says:

    Love the tips, thanks. I anticipate I’ll have some couples use for this lovely toy, but I also hope you’ll be able to share particular tips for male solo use of the Afterglow - mine just arrived today

    • Sarah Epstein says:

      Hi JB, welcome to the party! Hope you are enjoying your nice new toy Yes we are very interested to learn if our male customers are enjoying the Afterglow as, in theory and scientifically, the Afterglow works a lot like Viagra does. The proprietary pulsed light algorithm we call Pulsewave was designed to improve genital blood flow during masturbation (or when playing with a partner). Viagra increases blood flow to the genitals by inhibiting the breakdown of a chemical known as cGMP. cGMP relaxes smooth muscle leading to increased blood flow and genital swelling. Pulsed near infrared light, when applied correctly, increases the production of cGMP. Some of our docs have called this the “female Viagra” device.

      So, without sounding crude, if you place Afterglow on your penis, it may just enhance arousal same way it is designed to for women. Vibration is also a very pleasurable sensation for many men.

      Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

      - Sarah

  2. Brian Knight says:

    I bought one for my wife 4 our anniversary which do you recommend me play with it on her or her playing by herself and do you have any tips on me playing with it on he???

    • Sarah Epstein says:

      Hi Brian

      I say share the love and be there with her on her first go. Some women have an extremely positive experience on their first try with Afterglow and you want to be there if it happens. I highly recommend you read the instructions as the breathing and relaxation we recommend works. This is tantric sex without the hippy stuff. If you do have a great experience please let us know! You can submit a testimonial and we keep them anonymous.

      For recommendations on fun for men, please see my other comment here

      Hope it goes well Brian!

      - Sarah

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