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The science of arousal

The Origins Of The Afterglow


Sex and science are two things you don’t normally associate together, but in the case of the Afterglow, it is a perfect union! It is the world’s first vibrator to incorporate advanced medical technology to enhance the sexual experience.

Science has improved many aspects of our lives, so why not sex?

What is more surprising though is the Afterglow was a result of unintended side effects from the clinical trials of a medical product! The product in question was designed to treat pelvic floor pain in women, among other things. It used low-level laser technology to promote healing in the body, but the physicians soon discovered there was more than just healing going on in the body.

The Most Fun You Can Have In A Clinical Trial

Here are some of the verbatim comments from the clinical trials.

  • Subject reports ‘I feel younger down there now and want more sex’.
  • Subject reports ‘My orgasms are now much stronger and last a long time’.
  • Subject reports ‘Feeling aroused during treatment’ and ‘wants me to leave the room so she can please herself’.
  • Subject reports ‘Feeling aroused for 20 minutes after treatment’ and often ‘masturbates on the way home’.

We’re quite sure these would have gone down as some of the most interesting clinical trials of all time!

This wonderful and astounding effect of our low-level laser therapy caught us by surprise as we realized the wavelengths of light we were using were capable of improving a woman’s sex life.

Rarely do we think of light as energy. However, light is an important form of energy that travels in waves of different lengths. Some wavelengths have no effect on tissue, others can heal, and to our great surprise, some seem to improve sex.

Although our discovery was an amazing medical development, women would have limited access to its benefits. These medical grade lasers cost over thirty thousand dollars and access would always be restricted to a doctor’s office. We wanted to find an affordable way to deliver this important technology to women.

With a few more year’s research and a lot of trial and error, our talented team of engineers were able to produce the Afterglow and make it available for an affordable price.

If you want to learn more about about the technology we’ve created for the Afterglow, visit our page about the Science of Arousal.


2 Responses to “The Origins Of The Afterglow”

  1. Is the information from the clinical trial, including these comments from subjects, available to the public?

  2. AfterglowGuru says:

    Hi Dangerous Lilly! I think we recognise you from Twitter
    This clinical trial is part of an ongoing IRB approved medical trial. Most results are not shared with the public as a matter of discourse, until the trial is over. We were able to get some comments made public though! We are looking into it to see if there is anything else the doctors running the trial can disclose.

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